Newgate is a modern British fashion and lifestyle brand loved by creatives the world over. They’ve been creating iconic yet affordable timepieces in their British design studio for the past 30 years, and have certainly done their bit to revolutionise the clock industry.


We built a brand campaign and strategy to truly tell the story of Newgate and their impeccable watches. British by Design allowed us to focus on the quality, intricate design work and overall feel of the watches and the brand as a whole.


We built social imagery and worked on quality content around the tagline “British by Design.” In order to create cohesion across their platforms.

Web Development

We designed and delivered landing pages and product pages built around their branding tagline “British by Design.”

“How refreshing to come across a world class company in the heart of the country. Not only do we love that Run2 are Manchester based not London, we’ve never come across a more switched on, dynamic, creative and fun team. If only all our partners were like Run2!”

Jim Read: Managing director, Newgate.

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