fund:tmt are an investment fund for the technology, media and telecoms sector. Created by TMT professionals and experienced fund managers and backed by a network of TMT entrepreneurs.



Together, through a thorough brand workshop, we meticulously mapped out everything from the company’s elevator pitch to their competition and market analysis. After weeks of research and modification, the name fund:tmt was pitched, and the brand began to unfold from there.

UX Design

Wireframing is a necessary part of any project we take. Not only it is extremely useful for our team, but also helps to communicate with the client the overall picture of the product even before it is created. That allows us to be sure that no features, details and requests are missing and only the indeed necessary functions will be implemented.

Web Development

We designed the website to make an instant impact; the impressive photography would run front and centre and would be subtly supported by the brand through colour and type giving a contemporary feel. Emphasis on simplicity and quality; easy navigation, concise copy and striking imagery to represent a brand with the confidence and to fully support its clients to grow their own businesses.

Landing Page
Brand Collateral

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