Custom Cookie Co specialise in producing bespoke cookie designs for all types promotions from clothing to cars and everything in between. They have a growing gift range for customers – each of which can be personalised to a high degree, and they also produce cookies for Businesses use Custom Cookie Co for rewards, incentives, client gifts, promotions, presentations and special one off events.


We delivered a complete brand refresh to give the brand more personality and cohesion across their strategy. With an in depth review of the companies different audiences, we crafted the new style and personality to reflect the fun and light hearted nature of the company.

Web Development

We designed a new site to show off the new brand style whilst focusing on CRO and User Experience. This meant users visited more pages, spent longer on the site, and increased their average order value and doubling the revenue of the previous month before launch.

Digital Strategy

Alongside the new website, we integrated a strong digital marketing strategy including SEO, PPC and social media management. We increased ROI and established the company as the number one website for premium, personalised cookies and edible corporate gifts.

89% increase in conversion rate

299% increase in revenue

118% increase in average order value

Optimised design

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