Octopus Choice is a relatively new entry into the financial industry. It’s a peer-to-peer investment/loan platform that lends your money to lots of different borrowers, securing these loans against property. The interest they pay then combines to give you a personal rate.

Social Strategy

With the help of audience segmentation data, we were able to build initial test audiences to run brand awareness campaigns. Using this information we identified more specific segmentations and selected the most impactful creative to take forward. We also built re-marketing and lookalike audiences based on specific user actions for future activity.

PPC Campaign

A carefully constructed PPC campaign targeted key terms; reached out to valuable audiences; built tailored pages; and introduced a number of additional markets to increase impression share. When combined, all these actions allowed us to build additional brand exposure.

Performance Marketing

We filtered out irrelevant audiences; experimented with creative and ad text; and used a range of analytical tools to track and report on performance. Through this approach we were able to manage budgets effectively and ensure Octopus Choice was only supporting the most cost effective campaigns.

46% increase in investments

153% increase in traffic to their website

33% increase in number of sign-ups

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