Digital (Marketing) Strategy

Digital Strategy

In order to be successful in the online space you need an iron clad digital marketing strategy. It is the foundation on which the rest of your presence will be built.

Our entirely in-house team of digital marketing specialists work together to grow traffic to your website and increase your website’s conversion rate: the two things that will make a real difference to your bottom line.

Quick Reel

Here are some quick examples of how we have helped our clients excel with a seamless digital strategy. For our full portfolio, see our work section.

Why do you need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

When we set out to create a digital marketing strategy for your business we will always look at plenty of factors which we then will incorporate into making a comprehensive plan which will take your company to the next level. We will outline what your online presence needs the most, and help you understand how we will undertake the plan in order to get you as many conversions and traffic as possible.

Research is an extremely important part of any of our strategies and we will spend the necessary amount of time to see how your competition is performing and what we can learn from them. Often you can find things that can be improved on your website by doing this, there will often be significant differences in the way the sites operate and finding the middle ground can create an extremely large positive impact on your user- base.

Data driven plans

Every single campaign we produce is always backed up by data, whether it’s Google Analytics data, SEMRush or survey feedback. We make sure that all of the data present in our plan informs every step along the way, which includes but is not limited to the following services;


Search Engine Optimisation should be a key consideration when mapping out your digital marketing strategy as it’s one of the main ways you will get your business noticed in the online space. Appearing at the top of Google makes an incredible amount of difference when it comes to driving traffic and conversions, but with everyone trying to get there, it can be difficult to reach those coveted page 1 positions when you’re starting out. We will help you achieve the highest possible positions that you can get and our strategy for this will be outlined in the initial plan you receive.


Pay-Per-Click is the name of the method used to boost traffic in an artificial way by paying for advertising, mainly on Google to go to the top of the page 1 results. Plenty of businesses are doing this now by selecting certain keywords that are more likely to convert, leading to good returns on investment. Before you get organic rankings on Google with SEO it isn’t a bad idea to pick out some of your best product keywords and have them advertised using PPC in order to gain a boost starting out. We can map out and tell you which keywords will be best for this method and advise you on the budget this will take.


Your companies branding is probably the most important thing to get right as a business. It should embody the fundamental message that you are expressing to existing, prospective and generally anyone who has an encounter with your business. Whilst your brand name, logo or slogan are important aspects within your branding strategy, it is far more complex than that. Done right, a well thought out brand strategy and image with a carefully decided tone of voice, can set your business up for immense success and even fame.

Social Media

Social Media can be a true conversion driver for your business and a huge part of your digital marketing strategy, if your audience is very active across social media channels. It won’t work for every business but as the internet has evolved plenty more businesses have started using social media to get ahead of the competition. After all there is no better way to spread brand awareness and social proof for your company. When we make a digital marketing strategy for your business we will consider the ways we can use social media, especially if you’re a B2C business as it is important to have a positive social image.


Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of creating and changing a website in order for it to convert. This involves many factors such as making sure that your CTAs are easily accessible, your navigation is used to drive sales, frequent testing and heat-mapping the site to show user engagement. It can be quite complex and take a while, normally with a redesign or changes to the website that will allow it to more effectively convert.

Content Marketing

Offering consistent, high quality content that adds value to your customers' life is paramount when it comes to growing your business. Give people a reason to visit your website, get them interested, build that brand trust and loyalty, and keep them coming back. Poor quality content is often a major pain point for businesses, and restricts them from achieving their goals. Use well-structured, engaging content and use rich media content where possible and necessary.

Why does a Digital Marketing Strategy need consistent and detailed reports?

One of the most important parts of any plan is seeing the progress that’s being made on it, and seeing it often. Tracking your social media engagement, keyword rankings and everything traffic related to your business via Google Analytics is of utmost importance. We will always provide you with all the data you need to make informed decisions about the future of your digital marketing.

Reports allow us to collaborate with you and find out what is working and push that even further and find issues that need to be addressed. They’re also a perfect opportunity to find new ways to take your campaign to the next level, trying different channels and maybe targeting a new audience with an informed strategy could be another powerful way to drive conversions.

Quality Content Creation for your website and social media

We are heavily involved in the content creation process for your website, we have a team with extremely varied experience who have worked on many different projects in wildly different industries. Our tenets when it comes to content are having it make perfect sense for the business, backed up by market research and extensive research into the products, services and the general subject matter of your website. This allows us to make a content plan that will perfectly suit your audience.

When it comes to social media content we have a team of experts who have run many social media campaigns over the years and know exactly what makes users tick. We can create video content, interactive content and infographics to entice your audience and make them engage with your page, and spread the word to get you fully social proofed. You can trust us to make the best content available for your budget, and to increase your following immensely.

Why should you constantly update your Digital Marketing Campaign

An important thing to remember and understand is that a digital marketing strategy should evolve as your campaign progresses. There will be new avenues opened and some things should change because your audience’s reaction will need to be gauged and appropriately responded to should it be negative. With our research and recommendations any strategy will evolve and become better over time, as we can guarantee results regardless of your budget. Just look below at some of our amazing case studies to find out how we have performed over the years.

Our approach

Data driven

Every move that we make is qualified by the data we collect. It guides our every step and informs our next steps, showing us exactly what we need to do to take your digital strategy to the next level. By using data-led results we can easily see what is and isn’t working for you and your brand and if necessary, adjust it accordingly.

Integrated approach

There’s no other way to build a successful digital marketing strategy than using an integrated approach. It’s something that we have always believed in and it’s the way that we work at Run2. We explore all channels - Design, content, SEO, PPC, brand, social – it all works together seamlessly to create a complete strategy that makes sense and gets the best results.

Clear reporting

Our results always speak for themselves. But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We provide you with monthly reports to clearly show how you and your strategy are performing – so you can see everything for yourself. Our reports are clear and straight to the point, no unnecessary fluff, that's not our style.

Our Statistics

69% growth in organic traffic - Carole Nash

50% increase in overall revenue - Prep Perfect

109% increase in PPC conversions - Clarke Bell

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