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Branding is what defines a business. It's what makes YOU. It should always be top of the line and represent exactly what you’re offering to the customer.

At Run2, we believe in creating unforgettable brand moments. Moments that matter, moments that move us and stick with us forever. We work with brands to get to the core of their essence, finding the unique qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. We identify these critical concepts and build around them, putting them at the heart of everything we do.

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Here are some quick examples of recent branding projects completed by the Run2 team. For our full branding portfolio, see our work section.

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What makes a good brand?

One of the most important tenets of a brand will and has always been recognisability. The difference between a popular brand and one that doesn’t ever break through is how many people know about it. The mark of a strong brand will always be its ability to entice people naturally into buying into it, using their services or spreading it to their loved ones. Many things make up successful brands; a distinctive visual presence, top of the line accessibility, audience knowledge and consistent market research.

When we first make contact with you and look at your brand we will always assess it and work with you in order to understand your goals and objectives and how to make you unique. Competitor analysis will always be a part of any plan as it’s important to understand how you can overtake them and where you can make improvements to become your user’s favourite company in the industry.

Why is branding crucial when starting a business?

Your brand is what will represent your business and therefore you want it to be absolutely excellent and stand out from the crowd. Getting your company recognisable leads to growth in customer base, traffic, sales and conversions. Creating a strong brand should be the first step of any business as it is essential to building a relationship with any of your clients or users. Customers should be proud when using a product or service, and often branding can create sales by itself and this is definitely the most true with clothing companies.

Why should you rebrand your business if you’re not happy with it?

Sometimes the bitterest pill to swallow can be admitting that your branding strategy is simply not working out for your current audience. Rebranding can be an amazing way to create new opportunities, drive traffic or boost sales assuming it was done correctly. It involves a lot of legwork and research and pinpointing everything that is worth keeping and what needs to go. Throughout the years we have seen many brands reinvent themselves and improve massively, sometimes even reaching worldwide success.

We’re experts in analysis and research, and we can give you the best ideas when it comes to making your brand feel all new. There will need to naturally be a level of critique which is necessary in order to improve but we will always present it professionally and show you exactly how we think your brand should look. When you get in touch with us we will always get familiar with your site and perform a brand audit which will help you understand our stance.

How we make your brand the best it can be

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to branding and rebranding, having worked with dozens of businesses over the years to help them find their online identity. Knowing not only how to get you visible, we know how to make you look distinctive and stand out from your competition. There is always a method and plan that we follow which will outline what we will do for you along every step of the way to getting your brand fully ready for the digital space.

Logo Development

To begin with we will always start with a logo, and you should be thinking about this too. Strong logos which you recognise straight away on products make up a lot of consumerism in our current age, whether it’s Coca Cola or Sony when you see them you know that what you’re getting is quality. Your logo needs to echo this statement, and be instantly something that your customers will match to a great product. We will help you with this by performing market research and due to our experience with branding, we know how to make your business stand out.

Corporate & Brand Identity

Finding your identity among your competition is one of the most important considerations you need to make. By separating yourself from your competitors you can provide an alternative which not only surpasses them but gives your customers something unique. We can help you build a corporate identity which is your own, based on competitor research and extensive market research that will inform your future presence.

Website Design and Development

The difference between years past and now in the digital age is that you need some form of online presence in order for your business to continue growing. Having a website is essentially a requirement now, even if it’s just a single page that lets customers know that you can be found on Google. We have years of experience in creating websites for all types of businesses, and we pride ourselves on always providing our clients with support when it comes to developing the sites further as your brand and business grow.

Digital Media

Creating strong visual content via the use of digital media is extremely important as more companies become accustomed to the online space. Having the ability to provide your users with content that is distinctive, relevant and represents your brand is able to drive conversions by itself. Businesses have been created from having strong video content and plenty of them come from YouTube, which proves the importance of digital media. We are able to create strong images that create an overall visual presentation that your users will become familiar with. Our video editing and creation can bring a big boost to your website whether it’s with traffic or conversions, we will always have your best interests in mind.


On top of your visual identity and your site looking spotless we also know how to provide you with enticing photographs that represent your brand. Whether they’re taken inside your offices, outside your premises or of your team, we always make sure that your brand is front and centre. When your brand has a distinct visual style that is well represented and makes your customer be proud to enjoy your business, then your company can only improve in conversions, sales and traffic.


606% increase in organic search traffic - TaylorMade

1245% uplift in social referrals - Wishing Moon

33% increase in number of sign-ups - Choice by Octopus

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