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Whether you need likes or leads, retweets or reviews, we can deliver results. Social media marketing should be an open discussion between your business and your audience, it's for engaging in a two-way process with your customers whilst simultaneously developing your own online identity.

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The importance of social media

Social media marketing has become one of the most sought after marketing methods in the world. Companies all over the world now recognise the importance of social media and how you can use it to drive conversions and create a dialogue with your customers which is difficult to achieve through other means. Here at Run2 we specialise in social media marketing in Manchester, in the UK and internationally and we can help you create a campaign that will help your business build loyalty between your customers and your company and drive conversions via social media channels.

What is involved in social media marketing?


There are many factors that come into a planning social media marketing campaign, one of those is choosing the appropriate platforms for your business to appear on. Many businesses will focus on a platform that isn’t right for their audience and this can create a mismanagement of resources which can ultimately hurt the business. By analysing and knowing your user’s wants, needs and their preferred social media platforms you can do wonders with any strategy.


Twitter is often seen as the social media platform built for interactions. You can see plenty of businesses sending out tweets and then replying to questions asked by their user base. This is particularly useful in helping their business to create positive relationships with the people who are invested in their products, and in-turn create a boost in conversions in a more organic natural way. Interactivity and consistency is the way to get the best out of Twitter.


Many companies will put up a Facebook page and leave it under-utilised. Facebook is perfect for things like giveaways or highly shareable content, since you can simply click Share and post it on your timeline. With Facebook you can let your marketing dictate what your potential customers and users are likely to do, and your content being shared can lead to great returns on investment. Additionally, Facebook is currently the most used social media platform on the planet and the reach is essentially global.


LinkedIn is referred to by most publications as the social media platform for businesses, this is due to being able to network with other people and their companies and gain leads that way. An under-stated benefit of LinkedIn is that it can also be used to hire new people, and allows you to look at their resume to see if they’ll be a good fit. Promoting your company on LinkedIn can result in many leads, whether they’re new staff or new business to cooperate with it can be perfectly utilised by any company.


If you’re looking for something where you can show off your more visual and creative side, then Instagram is perfect. The nature of Instagram is an entirely image-based social media platform, allowing you to visually engage your audience with ease. If you are keen on taking photographs and have a team of designers ready to bring your ideas to life on a canvas then Instagram allows for an easily digestible, shareable and highly engaging medium.


Video media has become one of the most accessible and shareable types of media. Having high quality videos can make your social media marketing strategy come alive due to how easy it is to share and consume videos. The majority of people watch roughly the first minute of a video before skipping around to relevant points or more interesting parts, therefore your video's should make lasting impressions quickly. YouTube is the most popular platform for videos with over 2 billion users, and sharing content from it and embedding it on your website or other social media platforms is extremely simple.

Social media usage across the globe

The figures for the use of social media have increased exponentially over the years, and continue to grow everyday someone new makes an account on a platform. Facebook boasts a user base of over 2.7billion, Instagram boasts a user base of over 1.15 billion. Twitter is considerably smaller at 350 million but the amount of interactivity on Twitter is a lot higher when taken as a percentile compared to its larger competition. LinkedIn has been growing steadily over the years with now having over 700 million users on the platform.

Every single one of the social media platforms mentioned here is performing exceptionally well across the entire globe, whether you’re looking to garner more engagement internationally or you’re hoping to reach a more active local audience you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

How Social Media Marketing can boost your conversions

Many people are put off by the fact that statistically only roughly 1.08% of purchases made on e-commerce websites are made by users coming from social media. This might seem like a downside to using it however you also have to consider the fact that social media also brings a lot more of a customer base to your business. Whether they’re making purchases or not, they’re still clicking on your site and looking at the products generating more traffic which can push you forward in more ways than one.

Social media marketing is incredibly synergistic with other practices such as SEO or paid media, as a successful social media page can appear at the top of the results when people are searching for products or brands similar to yours. As for the latter, many businesses have started using paid social media advertising as it has evolved in the past from low quality Facebook ads to having your storefront in a carousel for potential customers.

133% increase in traffic via social media - TaylorMade

89% increase in conversion rate - Custom Cookie Company

1245% uplift in social referrals - Wishing Moon

Why Paid Social Media Marketing works extremely well

Each social media platform out there has started introducing paid advertising. This is a great thing for any social media marketing campaign as it allows you to reach eyes that due to the machine learning algorithms of social media are more likely to convert into buyers. Social media platforms have become extremely sophisticated over the years and by reading user clicks and what their interests are they can pinpoint their advertising to the people most likely to click.

Facebook & Instagram Business

Facebook has come a long way when it comes to their usability for businesses, and it truly shows in their current Facebook Business initiative which is shared across their partner platform - Instagram. You can see live in-depth statistics of everything currently happening across both mediums at all times so you can monitor which posts are performing well, and which ones can be improved. You can find your baselines for advertising and promote your posts to highly specific target audiences, using a completely scalable model depending on your budget. With Facebook owning Instagram, the ability to cross-promote between the two platforms at once is a great tool and definitely worth utilising.

Twitter Ads

Twitter may have one of the smaller user bases compared to other platforms, however it is actually a great platform to utilise when it comes to advertising, due to its advertising flexibility. You can choose to promote your business by either promoting your social media profile page itself or a video or tweet that you have published. Twitter is well-known for its ability to spark conversation and debate, it is a platform that allows for quick and easy engagement and share-ability. Having a strong media presence can do wonders with Twitter and promoting those posts so they appear in the feeds of people who will find them relevant can boost conversions and get people talking like no other.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn is the most recent to move to promoting ads across their platform, however it is pretty flexible in what they offer. You have a number of options which are distinctive from each other but can all be used to market your business. The first of these is marketing to hire, which is used for gathering the best talent across the platform and can help you find staff who are interested in working for you, this also applies to finding freelancers. LinkedIn Marketing solutions is the avenue in which you can promote your posts and business page. This can do wonders for B2B relationships as LinkedIn is catered towards being more professional than the rest. Marketing to sell is for advertising products and services - similarly to the other platforms but is better suited to selling B2B products.

Youtube Ads

You’ve seen these all over YouTube, whether it’s customer surveys, ads placed in the videos or on the side of the screen, YouTube has a lot of options for advertising. The main problem with YouTube’s however is that people will want to watch what they clicked on and not the advert, which is obvious however that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. If the advert is enticing or it has a catchy song, people will watch it and potentially click on it. You have to appeal to the customer in the first 5 seconds of the advert otherwise you are less likely to convert. Creating high quality video content that interests the user quickly can do wonders in this department.

Why having successful social media accounts is important

One of the most important considerations for any business is to appear trustworthy, and there aren’t many better ways to do it than having a presence on social media. This is especially true when you consider that social proofing is a huge factor in any type of marketing campaign, and social media platforms are a great way to do this. When other customers see that there are a huge number of people who are happily browsing your social media and interacting with your business, they will know that your brand can be trusted.

There are plenty of success stories of companies starting out as social media accounts which then evolved and became an enterprise. The same theory applies to businesses that want to be involved in the social media space, a successful social media account on any of the platforms mentioned earlier can provide a giant boost in traffic to your website or storefront. When you have a team who are responsible for your social media it makes this process a lot simpler to achieve provided they do all of it the correct way.

Psychological/Cognitive benefits of having active social media

By having a social media team dedicated to responding to customer queries and interacting with them you can build a very positive reputation. You can see examples of this all over different types of social media. Whether it’s Boohoo with their excellent videos and offers or Playstation/Sony who revel in the fact that their community loves the games they have on their systems there are plenty of success stories.

Having a positive image in the eyes of the public is one of the most important factors when it comes to social media marketing, as the opposite can tarnish your brand forever and cause you to need rebranding. If you are a company that customers can trust and is well social proofed it boosts their confidence in buying products from you. This is especially true if they can see that people are interacting with the company in positive ways and the business recognises that and can appeal to their users.

Explanation of Social Proofing

Social proofing is a concept that has existed for a long time, before social media was even an idea in people’s minds. Social proofing essentially means that something is proven to be good or work because other people have tested it and liked it. It is the proven notion that people will gravitate towards ideas, places and products which have already been enjoyed by other people. In the psychological sense it means that people are more likely to copy the actions of others and assume that is the most preferred solution.

This can be achieved by having a variety of factors work for you in the digital space. The most common way people experience social proofing is based around reviews, if a person sees that there are 400 reviews on a product all rating it near 5 stars they are instantly more likely to select that over other brands. By performing effective social media marketing you can social proof your business in a way that allows your customer to feel happy when they buy your product.

What we can do for your Social Media

We have created a lot of successful social media campaigns for a variety of businesses, and we know exactly what it means to keep your customers engaged and entertained while looking at your social media. We can also give you ideas on how to handle your public relations should you be having trouble with reaching the right customers. We understand the importance of quality social media in the digital age and we are ready to help you with everything involved in the process of getting your social media ready to go.

Content Creation

At Run2 we pride ourselves on providing excellent content across a variety of channels, whether it’s written posts, video media or photographic media we are experienced in all aspects of content creation. We can make easily digestible and shareable content for your users to enjoy or advertising posts that will boost your conversions. Engagement is key, we design everything to maximise engagement with your content and your brand. We will work with the budget you have given us and create some of the best content for that specific budget.

Managing Paid Advertising

As stated previously paid social media advertising is extremely important and it has become easier to access a large customer base with the use of well-crafted ads. We can help you by tracking the statistics of your social media campaign combined with the advertising and help you decide how much money you should spend to promote certain posts. Analysis into why certain posts and adverts perform better than others is one of our specialities and we can maximise conversions and interactivity by making the very best adverts for your business.

Managing your Social Media Presence

We can help you get the most of your social media platforms by managing your presence across all the digital channels that you would like to use. We can make campaigns and create plans for how you should consider running your social media marketing campaign. We are able to provide you with a high level of customer communication which embody your brand tone of voice, building positive relationships between the business, your clients and social media users. We can suggest new platforms for you to use if we think they are appropriate and we will detail exactly how you can approach them.

Provide advice and support

Social media can be frustrating to manage as sometimes you will have an idea that you think will work and it can backfire. What we do at Run2 is provide you with constant support and a wealth of advice to help you along every single step of the process when creating your digital marketing campaign, while also seeing it through to its conclusion. Along every step of carrying out your campaign we will provide you with feedback and quality assurance to make sure that you are getting the most out of your social media marketing campaign.

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