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The search term SEO Manchester helped you find us today. Let us help you navigate the new world of SEO in 2021. With over 20 years combined experience, we will deliver a comprehensive SEO strategy, that will get you to the top of Google.

We're an SEO Manchester agency that delivers user-centric and ROI-driven SEO campaigns for some of the world's leading companies.

Increase your website traffic and authority with our full-fledged SEO services at the most affordable rates.

SEO Case Studies

Here are some of our client who we delivered SEO (search engine optimisation) campaigns for. For our full SEO portfolio, see our work section.

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Why does your business need SEO?

The internet provides unlimited opportunities for businesses. They create websites as online branches to attract their prospects from the internet. The more people they attract, the more leads and sales they get. Search engines are the biggest source of traffic for websites, and Google alone is used by 4 billion people. It processes over 5 billion queries every day, which include searches related to your business.

To target this massive audience, every micro-enterprise to large corporation has indexed its website with Google. Search Engine Optimisation helps your business reach out to people looking for your products or services on search engines. You need the services of an expert SEO organisation to help you stand out from the competition and build a strong position for your business on the internet.

Foundations to improve your SEO rankings

Whether you are just getting started with your website or looking to restart your SEO from scratch, our SEO Agency Manchester can offer great help. While SEO is a deep discipline, its basics are the same for all websites. We start with the following practices to build a strong SEO foundation.

  1. Optimising the Site
    It’s crucial that the website is attractive for users as well as search engines. We ensure that the website loads fast, has a great user experience to offer on all devices, and complies with the Core Web Vitals of Google.
  2. Clearing the Spam
    A website with bad content and backlinks doesn’t get any good rankings and is prone to search engine penalties. We check the spam score and make sure it’s all clean before we begin with an SEO strategy.
  3. Creating Useful Content
    Content is king in the world of digital marketing as it attracts visitors and converts them to leads and customers. We create new pages with high-quality and relevant content to attract your prospects.
  4. Building Backlinks
    A great backlink profile is, to date, the strongest ranking factor of all search engines, including Google. We design a link building strategy and create natural and diverse backlinks for your website.

Our expertise in SEO

As a veteran Manchester SEO agency, we offer complete SEO services from foundation to advanced practices. We audit your website to understand its position and then implement the required tactics to improve its rankings. Following are the SEO expertise our agency has to offer.

SEO Knowledge Hub

We are not just another SEO service provider in Manchester. We love the work we do and enjoy seeing our clients expand their business and make money. In our years of serving the industry, we’ve become a powerful knowledge hub by collecting data & results from hundreds of SEO campaigns.

While others might start experimenting at your expense, we already understand what works best. This ensures your money is only spent on the best places so you can get high, quick, and long term results with minimum investment.

An inexperienced agency, even with good intent, can’t bring the results that our SEO knowledge hub can offer. Our experience comes with resources and a large network that make our job much easier and your results much more effective.

SEO Audits

After we have discussed your business goals, the first thing we do is a detailed audit of the website. We list all its issues and how they should be improved. It’s in this phase that we learn what SEO tools we need to apply and how much time and resources it is going to need. A report is created of this information and submitted to you for review.

This allows us to assess the current position of your website in the online world and share it with you. The SEO plan covers the gap from the current position to business goals, which we start implementing after your approval.

We mention all the practices we are going to follow, how much investment it is going to need, and the results you will get after the successful execution of each stage. We are one of the leading SEO agencies in Manchester that promises results at the most competitive rates.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO services prepare your website for search engines. All indexing and crawling issues are optimised in this phase, so search engines don’t have any problem understanding your site and the service you offer. All other tactics will be in vain if the site we are trying to rank is not ready.

We have to ensure the website follows all webmaster guidelines so there is no problem with its indexing and ranking. All operations performed in this phase depend on the current position of the website and the priorities of the client. However, some steps are always common.

  • Optimise Robots.txt and URL Structure
  • Add Breadcrumb Menus with Schema Markup
  • Submit XML Sitemap and Enable HTTPS
  • Set Up Webmaster Tools for Search Engines

UX & Page Design for SEO

More than half of the visitors hit the back button if the page takes more than three seconds to load. An ideal load time is 1 – 2 seconds, which takes effort to achieve. We make this effort on your behalf to make sure no one leaves your website because it didn’t provide a good experience. Likewise, the interface is a crucial part of the user experience.

It’s not just the job of a designer to create an appealing page. SEO experts at our Manchester SEO agency work with the designers to ensure every menu and button is placed in the right place.

By placing everything in the right position, we make it easy for the user to find any button or menu he is looking for. This ensures that each visitor has the best experience on the website and feels comfortable. This decreases the bounce rate and increases dwell time and the conversion rate.

On-Page & Content

We do thorough keyword research to study the interests and searching patterns of your target audience. Based on the results, we create content in the form of service pages, landing pages, and blogs to attract them. Each page is optimised for users as well as search engines.

Not only are the keywords placed in the right places, but high-quality graphics and proper alt tags are used in every article. In addition to engaging content, an attractive meta description and SEO title are written for each page.

Content writers at our Manchester SEO agency ensure that each article provides value to the reader, so they keep returning to your website. The user engagement metrics of search engines, such as dwell time, also help improve the ranking of the website.

Schema & Structured Markup

Structuring the data on the website is the future of SEO. While most other Manchester SEO agencies still can’t properly understand, we always optimize the websites of our clients for schema and structured markup.

Schema markup is a semantic vocabulary we place on the website to its content more readable for search engines. They are also crucial to rank for featured snippets. Featured snippets provide quick information to the searcher and appear at position zero on search engine result pages.

The popularity of voice searches is rapidly increasing, and search engine bots read a portion of content from your website that has been selected for featured snippets. This practice can’t be ignored if you want to target the people using voice search.

Building Authority

An important goal of all SEO practices is to build the online authority of the business. It makes your brand name known and makes it easy to rank among the top results of relevant queries.

It’s done by creating authoritative backlinks, sharing valuable content, and mentioning the brand on relevant platforms. Websites with high domain authority are favourite of search engines, especially Google. Although it takes time, our SEO practices put you on the right track.

In addition to search engines, users also favour known names. A brand doesn’t have to prove its credibility and gets more sales. An online business with established authority keeps getting sales from many sources where it didn’t even expect.

SEO Reporting

We know that you are investing hard-earned money on SEO, and you don’t want it to go to waste. Rest assured that we only invest your money where you get results. Our experience-based SEO campaigns bring you maximum return on investment.

We create detailed reports that are submitted to you after every phase, so you are well-informed about where your money was spent and the results it brought. These reports are created in a way that they are easily understandable for technical as well as non-technical people who don’t have much knowledge of this field.

You can see the keywords we target, flow of the website traffic, and conversation rate with other necessary information in the reports. This helps build trust with our clients, and they are confident when everything is transparent and right in front of them.

Frequently asked questions about SEO

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO is the process of optimising a website to rank on search engine result pages when a relevant query is searched. It involves practices such as link building, blogging, improvement of the user interface, and technical changes in the website.

Does SEO cost money?

The process of search engine optimisation requires skills, experience, and time. You can expect to pay around £600 per month for a basic package of SEO.

Does Google charge for SEO?

Google only charges you when you are running paid search engine marketing campaigns. You don’t have to pay anything to Google when you do SEO, and it brings organic visitors to your website as long as it remains ranked.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Yes, you can do SEO on your own; however, it’s a technical skill that requires time and experience to master. If you have a business, it’s better to take the service of an experienced SEO agency that will save you time and bring real results.

Is SEO worth it?

It’s impossible to rank on search engines without SEO, and they are the biggest source of traffic for most websites. It easily pays off your investment once the results come into effect. SEO not only increases your website traffic but also helps you develop a brand and stay in touch with your target audience.

Does SEO Still Work 2021?

All leading digital marketers agree that even in 2021, digital marketing is incomplete without SEO. A website can’t rank on search engines without practices like link building and on-site optimisation.

How do I know my SEO is working?

You will start to see a clear improvement in the website traffic, leads, and search engine rankings when the SEO starts working. Give it at least four months before you decide if your investment and time was a failure.

How long before SEO takes effect?

Search engine optimisation brings organic and long-term results after four to six months. If you see no results in that time, it means you need to look where the problem lies and change your SEO strategy.

How do I know if my website is SEO friendly?

Your website is SEO friendly if it loads fast, has an attractive user interface, offers useful content, and is optimised for search engine crawlers. It’s best to take the help of a professional SEO service for a detailed website audit.

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