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PPC is the best way to get to the top of search results by buying advertisement slots for your chosen keywords.

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Here are some of our client who we deliver Paid Search (PPC) campaigns for. For our full PPC portfolio, see our work section.

What is PPC?

Pay-Per Click is the name used to define a model of paid advertising where every time someone new clicks on your advert you pay a small fee. It is an artificial way of appearing at the top of the search results but it can provide some amazing results and is an easy way to drive conversions and traffic to your site. Should you have the appropriate budget set aside for PPC it can provide a great ROI, striking the correct balance between sales and PPC is key to any e-commerce business.

Our approach

Thorough keyword research.

We research how your customers find and use your service by looking at the terms they enter into Google. With our in-depth keyword research we get to know your customers and competitors inside out.

Smart budgeting and bid management.

With regular bid management we prevent overspending on keywords and reduce costs wherever we can by directing your money to where it is most effective. If your strategies can be refined to target only profitable areas, that’s what we’ll do.

Constant testing.

Through constant monitoring of your campaign’s effectiveness we can develop informed decisions and targeted strategies with laser-like precision, whatever choices we make will be grounded in a solid foundation of statistical analysis and testing.

Do you need to drive more business leads?

Google Ads/Adwords

Google is one of the biggest names in the technology industry and has been for a long time, in recent years they have taken the initiative to sell paid advertising on their search engine and associated products. It was an intelligent business decision, which has massively impacted the world of search engines and SEO in particular. With the advent of Google Adwords now rebranded as simply Ads you can now essentially purchase traffic via Google’s own means. This creates a space for businesses who are willing to invest into keywords and promote them in order to have the top spot.

Our PPC Manchester agency is ready to give you the best PPC based around your needs and budget. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to doing keyword research and pricing when it comes to Google Ads and all associated products and services, and we can give you the best keywords to target in order to gain traffic and drive conversions. When we prepare a strategy we make sure that every single detail is laid out clearly, and all of the cost breakdowns and recommendations are perfect for your budget.

Search Ads

PPC via Search Advertising is the main way that you will experience PPC, these will be the results highlighted at the top of any search with the bold Ad tag. It is also the most common way to use PPC as Google Ads was created with that purpose in mind. It makes keyword planning very easy once you know your targets, the prices differ greatly between the possible keywords you might want to spend money getting to the top. It is an extremely worthwhile endeavour however as you artificially put yourself at the top of any search result which makes your target audience see you and more than likely click on you first.

Shopping Ads

Have you ever looked up an item you wanted to buy and you saw a lot of results from different shops appear on the right side of the screen or as a row on the top of the results? That is what shopping ads on Google are, they promote products in a table or row depending on the item and then push them to the top. These are mainly relevant to e-commerce storefronts, however they can be extremely effective provided your prices are competitive. The return on investment with these can be completely direct as one click can lead to a conversion, so you can start to see results very quickly.

Local Search Ads

If you are looking for something more based around your location, then these are the perfect way to drive traffic to your website. These are the advertisements that appear at the top of the location menu on Google, so if you were to type restaurant or shop near me the PPC ads will be the ones with a purple Ad tag at the very top. These are perfect if you are simply looking to bring in locals or tourists to your venue and put you above the competition in your immediate area.

Youtube Video Advertising

Since Google acquired YouTube it has surpassed all other video hosting services and is a great platform for advertisement. You can pay to have a YouTube video appear as the top result for a keyword. This is excellent for guides, because if people are looking for them and you have a good link strategy it can create a boost in traffic to your site. Naturally it also has traffic to the YouTube video and channel, so if your business is particularly media based this is something that can really be the difference maker for you. You can also pay to have your advert appear before, after or within other videos on the platform, so that when someone is watching something related to your products/services, they will see your advert.

Why should I use PPC for my business?

There are hundreds of reasons as to why PPC is really important but the main deciding factor is that it can drive conversions really quickly and effectively. The return on investment depending on your type of business can be absolutely giant for little cost comparatively, we will work together to pick the keywords that are perfect for your business and drive traffic through those. PPC is great for businesses who want to push a range of products and services which need that little extra bit of visibility in order to sell.

The beauty of PPC is that you don’t have to be a huge company in order to get the most out of it. The keywords that you’ll target will be catered specifically to the size of your business and the budget you’ve dedicated to paid advertising. Here at our Manchester PPC agency we are dedicated to bringing you the most efficient and professional strategy that will help you decide exactly how you would like your PPC campaign to play out.

Applying a keyword strategy

With extensive keyword research you will be able to pinpoint gaps where your competitors aren’t currently performing too well and take over the rankings. There will be keywords that are being searched for which people search for that most businesses won’t consider because of search volumes or otherwise. However you can capitalise on this, the differences between the amount of searches a keyword gets and the conversions it generates can depend on the wording. This isn’t something that’s immediately obvious and is often missed when mapping out a strategy.

The tenets of keyword research and planning carry over onto not only Google Ads but also to social media paid marketing. They’re just as important in social media as you have to know exactly what to target, the machine learning algorithms that most social media websites use are sophisticated enough to advertise it to the right people, but you also have to list them as “interests” instead – which is simply another term to use for the same kind of ‘keyword’ idea.

Social Media PPC

However Google Ads isn’t the only option that PPC is available, over time social media has also adapted into becoming more paid advertising friendly. While scrolling down the feed of any given social media website you’ll now see posts with either an “Advert” or “Sponsored” tag. These have become more sophisticated over time in the beginning they were just simple links accompanying an image but now you can put article links, comprehensive videos and most media has a “Learn More” which directs the traffic to your site.

Every social media is a little different in how they handle their advertising methods however the one part that is consistent is that media performs the best across them all. If you are on top of creating videos, great images or can write posts that convince people to click on your link then it results in great traffic. We can create this content for you and help you with devising the strategy for your paid social media advertising. Each of the websites listed below has a dedicated side for businesses which contain analytical data, costs and a way to gauge which posts will be the most popular with your audience.

Twitter Ads – More about advertising your business on Twitter.

Facebook Business – More about advertising your business on Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions – More about advertising your business on LinkedIn

Why do we need to perform PPC audits frequently?

The reason why auditing your PPC account often is so important is because Google Ads can be volatile when it comes to keywords. The price of keywords can shift; meaning that you might have to pay more for certain search volume keywords, maybe some item or service blew up across all your competitors resulting in them needing to put in more towards their Google Ads campaign and so to compete you’d also have to increase your budget.

It is also a great opportunity to re-arrange which keywords you should be prioritising, we will give you all the best recommendations you could possibly ask for. Figuring out what works and what is struggling to gain traffic can be the deciding factor between products and keywords alike. Driving conversions is important but if a product just isn’t selling then the audit will let you know why that is, and perhaps find a different set of keywords to push it with.

Maximising the profits of your PPC campaign

When we make a PPC strategy we make sure that you will be getting the best ROIs on every keyword selected. We will target the products that will drive conversions and make sure that you get the most traffic possible to your site. When it comes to social media we will provide you with a wealth of high quality content which will attract users to your site and convert them into customers. Updating the strategy as the campaign progresses will be a collaborative effort, and you will have a big part in choosing what will work for you while we provide you with recommendations throughout. You will never be disappointed when you choose our Manchester PPC agency to conduct your marketing.

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