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CRO is what will help your business gain the maximum amount of revenue for your budget. It is the key component to driving sales for your online storefront.

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Here are some projects where the Run2 team have used CRO, to grow a business. For more examples, see our Work section.

What is CRO?

Conversion rate optimisation is a process which tries to make sure that users are funneled into converting on your website. It involves extensive research into how the site should be built in order to drive conversions across a variety of different products and services, and it can be a complex balance to best appeal to your audience. Understanding how the flow of traffic on your site is an extremely important step when devising your CRO strategy, and we will help you find out exactly what your site needs in order to boost your conversion rates.

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What do the statistics mean?

Conversion rate is calculated by dividing your user base by the number of conversions, this will then give you a great insight into your user’s experience surrounding your site. Increasing the percentage is exactly what our CRO strategy is going to help you achieve. By combining Google Analytics and their integrated eCommerce statistics you will be able to see the products and services which are performing the best for your business. This will be broken down and further elaborated on when you receive your regular reports, we will illustrate how well you are performing and which products need a little extra love and attention in order to convert better.

Explaining the process

There are a few steps into making your CRO strategy work, you need to be able to identify the drivers, barriers and hooks that will bring you conversions. Drivers are what brings customers to your site, barriers are certain issues that might dissuade the users from your site and the hooks are what sells the product and what persuades your clients to act. Often these are calls to action, and we can help you pick the most efficient and effective CTA’s to get all you can out of specific pages on your site.

Setting it up

The first step is naturally the setup of how to track your progress and get your CRO strategy implemented on the site. This will involve research into your customer base, doing an extensive audit on your site and how users navigate it. It’s all well and good to follow standard drivers like making the calls to action obvious however it is all dependent on your audience. Things that might work for one business will be the poison that kills another and we will find that difference and get your website converting.

Conversion Rate Analysis

The second step is to set up analytics properly to be able to track your conversion rate, and how to improve it. When we work on your CRO strategy we are constantly analysing how each part of the website is performing, where the gaps are and how to improve them. We do this in combination with Google Analytics which gives you the full statistics to make informed decisions along every step of the way. It breaks down exactly what is converting on your site and what isn’t and shows you a direct revenue stream from the CTA’s on your website, provided there is a way to track conversions on your site also that Google can read.

Testing Implementation

There are two ways we will test your website to make sure that it’s fully optimised for conversions, the first is to do A/B testing which involves showing two different versions of the site to our teams, users and your stakeholders and selecting which one appeals to the most people. This is extremely useful when considering redesigns and big changes to be made to the site, but even small changes can change around the entire future of the business. Something as simple as making it easier to navigate from the product page to another can lead to great conversions.

The second way we implement testing is to do live tests on the site and make small changes and see how they perform. This is naturally informed by the A/B testing and also our analytical approach and putting the data into practice. Live testing has the benefit of letting you see how these changes impact the user base quickly and how to action other pages on the site. This allows you to reap benefits quickly or find out what doesn’t work in real time which is extremely important for conversion rate optimisation.

Putting it into action

The final step is putting it all together and making your website optimised perfectly for conversion. This encompasses all previous steps but it simply means getting it live and working as soon as possible to get the maximum amount of sales. We will work tirelessly to make sure that your website has everything it needs to be a driver of traffic and conversion for your business. We will continue to analyse and do testing to make sure that you are getting the best results possible.

Case Studies for companies where it has been implemented

50% lift in organic conversions - Carole Nash

260% increase in organic bookings - Revolution Bars

300% increased blog conversions - Wishing Moon

Why should you consider CRO?

There is no reason as to why your company shouldn’t be implementing some kind of conversion rate optimisation. In the digital world and as we progress more and more into buying products and services online it is of paramount importance to get the online side of your business converting. The reason you want to have emphasis on CRO is because it is the perfect tool for creating new opportunities to grow your business in the online space, by letting your customers buy quickly, efficiently and give them the ability to easily share you are already halfway there to creating a successful online business.

Another consideration to take into account is that the analysis that is provided with CRO helps you gain a deeper understanding of your clients and what they’re looking for. It will challenge your perception of how a business should be run online, it isn’t as simple as just selling your products and having a shopping basket. Providing your users with a first class experience and letting them have an easy time of using your site is as important as having the products they want, since those work together to create a smooth transactional process.

How we do it


Through heat-mapping we can accurately analyse exactly how people are engaging with your website. This gives us a comprehensive view of how your consumers access your website, and we can use their behaviour to highlight any areas where users become stuck, and which area's your customers like.

A/B Testing.

We can do accurately tests to figure our the different aspects of your website that work, and don't work, and determine what works best in terms of CRO. This allows us to identify exactly what your audience wants to see from your website, from the design and layout, to the content used, and even the colour and shape of the call-to-action buttons. Our tests are all geared towards increasing your conversion rates.

Journey analysis.

This allows us to see your products or services through your customers’ eyes. We can map and evaluate your customers’ digital experience to identify any obstacles or difficulties they may have that could stop them completing their journey.

Investment into Returns explanation

You will be happy looking at your ROIs with conversion rate optimisation as it will tell you exactly how your campaign is performing with statistics to back it up. Anything you put into CRO will always have a positive effect on the sales your business generates and allow you to shift your goals accordingly. Whatever your budget may be we will always outperform it, and give you the highest ROIs that are possible within your budget.

CRO allows us to easily map out graphs that show you the specific value of the campaign and its implementation, demonstrating exactly what our influence and help has curated. What we offer you is a top of the line, first class customer service and performance that will show you the true potential of your business in the developing online world.

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