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We can research how best to serve and engage the right demographic for your business and deliver immediate results. Using our team of experts in PPC, CRO, social media and SEO we can tailor your campaigns as and when we see fit, to maximise results, boost engagement and ensures your money goes further.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is a term which encompasses all channels of online marketing which are centred around the performance of a campaign and can be directly or indirectly attributed to. It covers Search Engine Optimisation, CRO, PPC & Paid Media and Social Media Marketing.

Why should you use a Performance Marketing strategy in your business?

The various aspects of Performance Marketing offer up a number of different yet highly effective angles in which you can target your prospective customers. The potential reach can be huge and you can target specific audience types to get the results you want. With a coherent strategy in place, working these channels simultaneously can put your business at the top of the pile when it comes to acquiring customers and once you’ve got them you can build their trust and gain life-long customers.

SEO & Content Marketing – An SEO and Content strategy is vital for getting your business to the top of the pile. Successful SEO balances the importance of Technical SEO, with highly engaging and shareable content, along with quality outreach and link-building among many other things. Implemented correctly, your SEO Strategy can increase your organic rankings, domain authority, build a trust with prospective customers and drive conversions.

CRO Through a thorough research process using heat-mapping technology, you can see exactly how customers are interacting with your website and landing pages. With this in mind we can run A/B testing to figure out exactly where and how the experience needs to be altered in order to drive conversions.

PPC & Paid Media – Pay Per Click is incredibly effective in quickly driving conversions, reaching huge audiences and increasing your return on investment for relatively low costs. With the right keyword research and strategic thinking behind it, you can almost instantly increase your visibility to the right customers and drive traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing Social Media is such an important tool for businesses in today’s digital landscape. Social media allows you another level of intimacy with your customers, allowing you to build trust up with your existing customers as well as offering the potential to reach a whole range of different demographics with specific detail with paid social media advertising.

Why choose Run2 for your performance marketing projects?

At Run2 we’re invested in seeing you perform to maximum potential. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all approach’. Every business has its own criteria for success, and so do your consumers. So whether you need an increase in transactions, leads or enquiries, we build a strategy that ticks everyone’s boxes. If a user visits your website and doesn’t make a meaningful interaction or purchase we’ll find out why. By investigating why and how people visit and depart your site we aim to fully optimise their experience, turning research and insight into profitable changes to your online presence.

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