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Why is having a distinctive web design important?

One of the most important factors when considering a redesign or starting a business website should be looking how you can make the design distinctive. Making your business stand out is the key for driving traffic and conversions, whether it’s to outpace your competition or to make it distinctive from your old design. It is important to figure out every single factor that will make up your website at the very start, because as the design process continues they will all need to be kept consistent and in line with each other to make up the most amazing website.

Making your website look the best it can be

Visual design is a core tenet that we will look into later, but you have to know that a pretty website does bring attention to itself. Whether it’s the brand that dictates this or you want to reshape what the appearance of your website should be, making it appealing has to be valued extremely highly. Our Manchester web design agency will make it look absolutely amazing exactly according to your specifications alongside providing our own ideas which we will relay to you before implementing. Any design should always be collaborated on between the designer and the business, because that’s how you make it truly yours. Test audiences could also be useful but that’s going far into the realm of the future.

Differentiating yourself from your competition

When you first come up with any website design one of the first things you should look at are your competitors. This is a step that should be taken in any strategy as you need to be able to find ways in which you can take some of their ideas and come up with your own that will make you the viable alternative and eventually the mainstay of your industry. When we design your website we will perform extensive competitor analysis to advise you exactly on the choices you should be making with your website design.

The main thing you need to take into consideration is exactly how you should be different from your competitors, it will make all the difference for your users. The biggest points you can gain are improving on outdated design, whether it’s your current website or you are basing it off the competition. Making sure you are comfortable that your design will bring you success is something we promise.

Why should you value user experience?

User experience is of utmost importance when designing any website due to the fact that it will be the way to drive conversions and traffic to your website. If the user is having a positive experience with your website they are much more likely to spend time on it and trust you more as a business. When a customer is happy with your website they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family and curating those positive relationships is extremely important to growing your business especially when you’re first starting out.

We are very involved in the testing process to make absolutely sure that the user experience that we curate is perfect for anyone trying to click on your website. We constantly try out and innovate on the design in order to make sure that it can be the very best it can be. Every step along the design process we’ll update you and get you to test the user experience so you will have a good understanding of how your site works when put under the microscope.

Pushing Interactivity

As the human attention span grows shorter and shorter, interactivity has never been more important. When people have things to click on and interact with, they are more likely to stay on the website, grabbing the users attention and keeping them is the core of strong web design. On average you have roughly 8 seconds to grab a user’s attention, if they are not satisfied with your page by the end of that time they will naturally click off. With our interactive web design they will stick around and make the most use out of your website, using obvious calls to action to drive conversions. Another important factor is that an interactive website that drives traffic, will in turn appear higher in the Google rankings.

Appealing Visual Design

Naturally any website designed by us will look incredible, we pride ourselves on having extremely strong visual design across all of our websites and we can do the exact same for your website. When it comes to the look we understand that it being the first thing anyone sees it is extremely important to make a strong first impression that leaves a lasting impact. Since you have a limited time to grab attention, it is best to knock it out of the park in the very first second that a user clicks on your site.

Efficient Navigation

We will make sure that anyone coming to your page will be able to navigate it perfectly well, this is a step that is often overlooked. You want your user base to be able to get around your page naturally, so that they can browse everything your business has to offer and make an informed decision if they want to stick around. Easy, understandable navigation can make the difference between a conversion and a potential customer leaving the site. The best way to get a user to convert is to let them use the site effectively, and that is true across any design which we champion.

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile phones are becoming the number one way to browse the web, they’re simple to use and usually have easily accessible browsers which further simplifies navigating the web. This means that web design was forced to evolve and account for the fact that people browsing the web will be coming from mobile devices, we always make sure that your site has a functional and appealing mobile version. If we have your Google analytics code we can also show you the breakdown in mobile traffic, so we’ll be able to analyse how both versions are performing with your customer base, and improve the designs as we go along.

Why should you choose Run2 as your web design agency

When you select us to design your website, we will be fully involved and responsive in the process. We will help you with recommendations, design ideas and propose changes in order to make your website stand out from all of your competitors. What we bring to the table is complete transparency in how everything will shake out from the start of the design up to the very end. When we finish a site we are sure to leave it with a mark of quality, there is not a single site that we have created which we are not proud of and our clients always end up creating a lasting partnership with us once the work has been completed.

Collaborative Effort

Making any sort of website design is always a collaborative effort between you and us, this is because if only one or the other is in complete control it can create issues. Often the best way to approach any new project is to get as many eyes on it as possible, as long as they are eyes with a wealth of experience and knowledge who can advise on the best way to approach the design. When you choose to work with us we will always provide you with recommendations and our own insight into what can make your site better.

User First Design

The user interface and design is an important consideration in every single design we make. In the retail world there is always a saying that “the customer is always right”, well in this case this partially applies but we prefer “the users are what drives traffic”. This is because every single person that clicks on your website is considered a user, and they need to be able to use your site if they are going to convert or interact with it in the first place. They should have the easiest time possible with your site and we always champion this with our designs.

Direct line of Contact

We will always reply to any question you might have, and have lines of communication open always. Whether it’s via email or phone call you will always be able to reach us when you need to talk to us. Being able to communicate with your designer is extremely important during the entire building process of the website and even past that in order to make changes and improve the site. We guarantee that you will be able to get a hold of us whenever you need us.

Ways to work with us

Fixed Price

We use a fixed price model for projects with predefined scope of work and timeline. This type of cooperation is ideal for projects where there is little to no change expected in terms of features and the overall scope of the project. We believe that our bespoke design is worth its value and we'll show you that when you choose us as your Manchester web design agency. We will never hide any costs from you and will always tell you the exact amount it will cost for any website we build, so that you know what to expect.

Retained Partnership

This model is for clients that are also taking advantage of our marketing expertise. We are dedicated to bringing you a lasting partnership with all of the benefits from sticking around with us. We will update your site if you need it and work with you on other projects, when we work with any business we create a healthy relationship which allows for a consistent flow of work with most of our clients. We champion lasting partnerships and we will always make sure that we have one with you and your business.

Time and Materials

Because we offer in depth UX and CRO audits of websites it is often necessary to implement small changes that are capable of making a huge difference. We start with a broad prediction of budget and timeline which goes into more detail with each phase. It offers you full control of your spending and allows you to prioritise which aspects of your website to improve first.

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