SEO Deep Dive

Ensuring Organic Traffic

Many SEO agencies would follow some practices that will bring fast traffic, but they are not good for businesses looking for long term results. That unnatural traffic doesn’t last long and might even come with downsides. Our SEO agency in Manchester ensures that you only get organic traffic. We also make sure the traffic we bring to your site is your target audience and relevant to the products or services you offer. It wouldn’t be difficult to acquire cheap paid traffic or run paid campaigns, but it’s the organic traffic from search engines and other relevant sites that actually benefit an online business.

Decreasing Bounce Rate

We use web analytics to study what is bringing results and what might be causing issues. The very first step of getting into these details brings us to the bounce rate. The ratio of people who leave your site without visiting any other page is called bounce rate. It’s considered good as long as it’s less than 40%. However, it’s something to worry about if the bounce rate crosses 70%. Our advanced SEO services look into these matters to see why visitors might not be liking your website. These issues are resolved as soon as possible once they are identified, ensuring a better user experience and conversion rate.

Increase Conversion Rate

Every business providing a service depends on the leads it gets. The number of visitors doesn’t make any difference if they don’t convert and become a lead. A 10% percent conversion rate is considered a very good one. Our Manchester-based SEO agency works hard to ensure you get the optimal conversion rate. Our practices also look into issues why you might not be already getting a good conversion. We usually start by analysing the traffic and its sources to ensure you are attracting the right audience, and then we look into issues on the website and optimise them.

Improving Click-Through Rate

The ratio of clicks on your link in the search engine result pages after the user has seen it is defined as click-through rate. To get the maximum traffic on your website from search engines, you have to get a good click-through rate. If people are ignoring your results even after seeing them, this means that your title or meta description is repelling your prospects. It’s even worse if they click on the results ranked below you, it’s called pogo-sticking, and it could lower the ranking of your website. After all, every search engine would prefer to show results on top that appear to be most appealing to users. Our SEO services ensure that nothing of the sort happens to your website.

Retargeting Keywords

It takes research, experience, and the help of premium tools to find out the queries your prospects might be searching for. Keyword Research is the first step and an important part of SEO practices. We analyse all ranked and useless keywords to reuse them more efficiently. We focus more on the keywords that will actually bring results and cut out the keywords that don’t show any potential. The website and its content are then optimised according to the new keywords.

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