SEO Audit

Determining Current Position

SEO audit clarifies the current position of your website in the industry. We are able to see what work has been done and what benefits it has brought you. This audit makes it easy to further see the path we need to follow. It also ensures that we properly utilise the efforts already done instead of starting out from scratch.

Looking for Technical Issues

This practice includes setting up SEO tools, website structure, and user experience. Experts of technical SEO and UI designs work on this section to create a perfect rank-worthy website. We also look into crawling and indexing issues and optimise URLs and robot.txt files.

Removing Bad Content

Content is king, but duplicate or low-quality content could instead cause a penalty from the search engines. We audit all the content on the website to make sure there is nothing that could damage your online credibility. We further identify if there is any room for improvement.

Optimising the Loading Speed

People don’t wait for anything in the twenty-first century. They are looking for an excuse to close your page as soon as they open it. An audit from our SEO agency Manchester will make sure that your site loads in the optimal time.

Responsiveness on All Devices

A website should be optimised for desktop devices, but more than half of internet users access it from a mobile device. We ensure that your website is responsive on all devices, whether it’s desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Analysing Traffic and Conversion

Our audit analyses your regular traffic and its sources and looks into how it could be increased. We also analyse the conversion rate to see if you are targeting the right audience. Attracting irrelevant visitors has no benefit to offer to your business.

Checking All the Backlinks

Backlinks offer the most benefit in ranking on search engines and they can cause the most damage. We perform a thorough backlink analysis to study which backlinks are offering juice. Toxic links from unreliable sources are removed or disavowed.

Studying the Competitors

The SEO audit of our Manchester agency also studies the competition, although most people ignore it. We take time to research the competition to see what we are up against and how we could get an edge over them.

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