Rich Snippets

Installing Schema Markup

We have become one of the leading SEO agencies in Manchester by following advanced SEO approaches that not many others can offer. Our services include setting up your website with structured data markup. This makes it easy for search engines to understand what your website is about. By installing schema markup, we put your website in the race to get featured as a snippet. We answer specific queries from within your content that appears at position 0 of the search engine result pages.

Targeting Long Tail Keywords

Content that is featured in snippets answers a relatively long but specific question. This is one reason why most experienced SEO experts target long-tail keyword phrases instead of going for high competition keywords. This practice increases the chances of getting ranked on the first page and featured in the snippets. Our SEO agency Manchester studies your audience and their search patterns before finalising these keywords phrases and follows every practice to ensure these schema markups bring results.

Preparing for All Snippets

Featured snippets can be divided into nearly a dozen types, but all belong to three major categories: Paragraph, List, and Table. Paragraph snippets answer a query in one or two sentences, lists are either bullets or numbered, and tables are the rarest of snippets. Our SEO services follow all practices to target all types of snippets. It depends on the type of query and content that best answers it to decide a type of featured snippet. We write content in all forms that are most readable and friendly for the user and put schema behind it for search engines.

Creating FAQ Sections

We add a section of frequently asked questions on every page where there is an opportunity for featured snippets. This allows us to cover a range of long tail keyword phrases that can be answered precisely. Adding FAQs is becoming more and more popular as it makes it easy to rank on the position zero through featured snippets. Services of our SEO agency Manchester include searching for popular questions, such as People Also Ask, through research and premium tools and writing rank-worthy, precise, and accurate answers for them in the FAQ section.

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