Mobile SEO

Improving UI for Mobile Devices

The very first and most important step of optimising a website for mobile devices is improving its user interface. Mobile devices have a small screen and, unlike desktops, they are in portrait shape. A bad interface may be tolerable on a big screen with a small cursor, but it’s plain annoying on a small screen with big thumbs. We design a website considering the screen as well as the mind-set of a mobile user. Pop ups could cover the entire screen, blocking the content, and text could be too small to read. Likewise, we set a user-friendly size of buttons and position them where easily accessible.

Increasing Loading Speed on Mobiles

The loading speed of a website is just as important on mobile devices as on a desktop. A user might visit other tabs while your site loads, but the mobile user stares at the screen until the site is loaded. If he feels like it’s taking long, which is barely three seconds, he will close your site right away. We cut out all the unnecessary queries and scripts and optimise the website to load as fast as possible with the best user interface. Speed is also an important ranking factor of all search engines.

Preparing for Voice Searches

Around twenty percent of all Google queries are voice searches, and they are expected to grow more in the future. Almost all of these voice searches are conducted on mobile devices. Google mostly uses the featured snippets to answer those voice queries. As a part of mobile optimisation, our Manchester-based SEO agency prepares your website for voice searches. It includes targeting long-tail query like keywords and installing schema markups in the website. Further advanced practices are followed to make sure your website and its content is futuristic and doesn’t leave any audience out.

Optimising Titles and Descriptions

The user sees the title and meta description of your page in the results when he searches a relevant query. He decides to click or ignore your result after reading that text. If the title and meta description is too short, it won’t be attractive, and the user won’t be impressed if he can’t read the full text because it was too long. For mobile SEO, we write content that is not only easily viewable on a small screen but also attractive and engaging. This improves the user experience on the search engine and maximizes the click-through rate from mobile devices.

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