Local SEO

Targeting Local Keywords

People from different countries might search the same keyword phrases on search engines, but we have separated them from our target audience. In addition to those keywords, we do research to find and target queries that only our local audience searches. It’s usually the first and one of the most important parts of local SEO. If you are looking to rank in one city of England, we will follow practices for SEO Manchester or any other city you demand. We look for patterns of the behaviour of our audience that only experienced SEO professionals such as ourselves can identify.

Optimising Google My Business

Google My Business is more than just a listing. It’s considered the fourth most important factor to rank locally. It helps you manage the online presence of your business and integrates your information in its other platforms such as Google Maps, Google Posts, and Knowledge Panels. It’s not just about adding some information in a form. We optimise your profile of Google My Business to get you more exposure than your competitors. We set geographical radius, write a description, verify account owner, and create content within Google Posts. This makes it easy for your prospects to find you online.

Encouraging User Reviews

Whether it’s on the website, Google My Business, or other platforms, we use local SEO practices to encourage your prospects and current customers to share positive reviews. A customer always takes the feedback of other customers very seriously. It’s the strongest factor to attract or repel a client that could give you a lot of business. We not only get customer reviews but also share them with your target audience to give maximum exposure to your business in a positive light. These reviews not only increase your website traffic but also make it easy to convert it. Someone who has read positive reviews about you is most likely to trust your service with his needs.

Creating Local Backlinks

Search engines determine the credibility of your online business through backlinks. If you are getting linked from other credible sources, you are considered a credible source. Likewise, it helps search engines understand your business. Different websites are ranked on different positions when searched from different geographic locations. To show that you are a local business targeting the local audience, we make sure your website is ranked locally. For that, we create link building strategies to create backlinks on region-specific platforms.

Country-Specific Guest Posting

Guest posting or guest blogging is the safest and best method of building backlinks. This practice not only increases your domain authority and improves search engine ranking, but it also gives your brand great exposure. Each contextual backlink created through a quality guest post builds a source of traffic. We write and publish guest posts on niche-relevant, country-specific websites. Our Manchester SEO agency only selects sites that are regularly visited by your prospects. As long that post is live, it will keep getting visitors, and they will keep visiting your site through the link in it.

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