Link Building

Link Building Strategy

It’s the strategy that determines the results you get from backlinks. Our years of experience as a Manchester SEO agency allows us to design link building strategies that create a natural backlink profile and meet your business objectives. We utilise all tools and resources to acquire the most relevant and authoritative backlinks that increase the domain authority and search engine ranking of your website.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a part of our every link building campaign as this tactic is guaranteed to bring results. It requires a lot of hard work and time, but we always put our client’s needs first. We start by finding niche-relevant websites and contacting their managers. After they respond and agree to publish our guest posts, we write content according to the editorial guidelines of the publisher that also appeals to your target audience and serves your business purposes.

Curated Links

Our team searches for backlink opportunities that could bring link equity to your website. When we find relevant articles and websites, we have to convince the blogger how linking to one of the pages on your website could be beneficial for both. Curated links, also known as niche edits, is a tried and tested method to build quality backlinks.

Infographics Backlinks

Infographics are linkable assets that people share on their platforms to provide value to their followers. It takes time, research, and effort to create infographics, but the service they offer is worth the cost. Every time people share your content, they have to link to your website as a source. As your business name appears on the image, every share and view increases your brand awareness. As long as the infographic is relevant and up to date, it will keep offering these benefits.

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are links you get without even asking for them. To get such links, you need high-quality, unique content that provides true value. Anyone who uses the information or conclusion from your content will give a link to your site as a reference. Content marketing services of our Manchester SEO agency create content that could acquire editorial backlinks for your website, although they are difficult to attract when you don’t have high domain authority.

Brand Mentions

Although they are not backlinks, brand mentions increase your online presence. Search engines read content from all websites indexed with it. Reading your business name on different relevant platforms builds its image as a brand. Their planned positioning through guest posts and other tools helps build brand authority.


One of the most popular and successful methods for building a stronger link presence is to cultivate outreach relationships. We have a team dedicated to contacting and liaising with other businesses and figures in the industry to get our clients’ websites featured all over the web. We look for domains and publications with high authority who are willing to advertise our clients’ business and site, and we often reciprocate in order to create a positive relationship which creates more link strength.

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