Content Marketing & SEO

Creating Detailed Audience Personas

We start by doing research on your target audience and create detailed audience personas. It helps us create personaliSed content that relates to the readers. The same personas Are kept in mind when writing website content, landing pages, blogs, and guest posts.

Matching Search Intent with Content

We make sure the content matches the search intent of the keywords it’s targeting. We update the existing content and write new articles with specific goals that relate to your audience and serve your business objectives.

Optimising Content with Keywords

Each page we write targets a specific clutter of keywords that the user searches with the same intent. We optimiSe your existing content with keywords that are more likely to rank and bring results for your business.

Publishing Blogs with Quality Content

Each blog creates a new page on the website and covers a range of keywords that your prospects are searching for. Blogs help increase regular visitors and the credibility of the business.

Linking to Internal & External Sources

To make content more credible and decrease bounce rate, content marketing experts at our Manchester SEO agency link to other pages of your domain and websites with high domain authority as references.

Placing the CTAs in the Right Places

Call to Actions encourage readers to take the next step that serves your business goals. Right call to actions and their right placement is an important but underrated part of SEO content marketing, but we ensure their efficient utilisation for the best conversion rate.

Distributing Content to Attract Traffic

Distribution of content such as guest posts and press releases is an important part of SEO. Each article gets your website a backlink and increases brand awareness. We carefully choose relevant sites that have real value to offer to your business. This practice attracts traffic to your site and improves the overall domain authority.

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