Facebook Business

Facebook and Instagram are both owned by the Facebook corporation and therefore they both use a similar system for targeting advertising. They are based around “interests” which are essentially selectable keywords that match up to their machine learning algorithms, to best advertise to users most likely to convert. They will then appear in users’ news feeds who match their preferences to the interests that you listed. This has been heavily popularised in recent times with companies and apps such as Wish who use Facebook as a second storefront. With Instagram it’s a little different as not only are there the scroll down the feed ads, there are also story advertisements, collections, carousels and ones that go in the explore section. Each of these fulfils a different purpose, explore ads are the closest to the Facebook targeting as the explore tab is based entirely on the “interests” of the users that are using it. However machine learning applies to all the other ones also, story advertisements stay around for as long as you need them on your page, allowing you to target a certain product over a period of time. Collections and carousels are used for promoting a new range of items, or perhaps different variants of the same product. They each with the exception of stories and explore ads appear in the news feed of the users as they scroll through. Instagram is a much more visual medium than the rest, and therefore you have to make an impression quickly to make a conversion. We can help you create media that will be perfect for these campaigns.

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