Brand Identity

When you are considering what your brand will look like, it is a very good idea to look at your competition and compare. This competitor analysis will inform everything you will need to do in order to stand out from the crowd. Coming up with a design that is unique and also appeals to your audience can seem daunting at first, but with our help we’ll be able to create an identity that you’ll be content with.

Identify the elements of your Brand

There are plenty of discernible factors that will make up your brand identity and you will need to understand what they are. Understanding and coming up with your mission statement will be the first step to creating the rest of your design. Plenty of companies get this step wrong but if you’re able to help your customers get your brand and mission statement you can then appeal to them considerably better. The next step to upgrading your brand is to incorporate your company’s values into the design. Deciding what you stand for and having that reflected across your brand and being able to translate this to your customers will only have a positive impact. Attached to this is your brand’s personality, how it comes across and communicates and how you will interact with your customers.

What makes your brand special?

How does your brand compare to everyone else in the same industry? Taking some time to understand why customers should choose you over your competition makes the difference between a struggling company and one pulling ahead. Whether it’s distinctive logos that are instantly recognisable, a strong social media presence and interaction you can always find wins if you perform enough analysis. There will always be areas where you can excel regardless of your industry. There are so many ways you can expand your digital presence in a unique way that you wouldn’t even dream of. We’ll be able to help you identify the places where you will be able to get some easy wins. Collaborate with us to create the brand identity that will help you claim overall victory over your competitors.

Designing your new Brand Identity

Recognising that something in your brand needs to change is the first step to promoting your business growth. Let your design evolve your business, ask yourself how you want it to look and more importantly how it should look to boost your sales. Many companies will stumble and stagnate because they’ve stuck to something that doesn’t work, just because the identity they’re used to has remained the same. Taking a step back and realising that your current brand could improve is key to becoming a business that your customers can trust. Always be ready to criticise and scrutinize aspects of your brand that you’re not happy with. We will provide you with constructive criticism and feedback based on market research and our knowledge to build a brand identity with a design that will lead to business growth.

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