Brand Guidlines

When you create a new design and brand you will need to outline what your brand should adhere to when it comes to design and presence. Creating a list of rules and brand guidelines will dictate how your business will be presented across all channels. Coming up with this can often prove to be a challenge as matching the entire brand identity across every single place it’s presented in is no small feat. Style and communication are the two pieces that will make up your guidelines. The style refers to how your business and brand is presented whether it’s on your website, social media or in a physical space. It needs to be consistent and recognisable, and therefore one of the rules should be to stick to that design. When you find something that works and performs well for your business it’s easy to stick to it.

Consistency is essential when describing Brand Guidelines

Whether it’s the colour palette you’ll be using, the editorial style of your content or the types of social media posts you’ll be creating, it is of utmost importance to have a defined style. The reason for this is that your customers will become accustomed to your brand and what it represents, and keeping things the same lets them identify with your company. You can see this is extremely popular amongst clothing companies where the logo is what you are paying for, under the assumption that it’s a quality product. This doesn’t simply represent a visual style, it can also mean every piece of writing that is written for your company. Having a unique voice is very important and finding that can be difficult especially if your industry sells a lot of similar products and services across competitors. Every plan should include guidelines which define content style, and how it can be differentiated between all the content on your website.

Buyer Personas and Social Media

One of the most important considerations when creating rules for your brand is deciding what your buyer persona looks like. Your target audience should be the main focus of your campaign and brand due to them naturally being the ones who are most likely to convert into sales. If you think there is a specific style that they would enjoy then it’s best to try it out as it can easily swing your business’s growth in a positive direction. Buyer personas are incredibly important especially when considering social media because it gives you the perfect insight into what your customers are actually like. You can easily see gains and movements based on your posts and identify what is successful and what your users are not fond of. It helps you curate a perfect persona which will inform all of your future posts.

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