Brand Activation

Often businesses struggle with creating an experience that will resonate with their target audience. Sometimes big flashy events are not the best way to approach brand activation, you will want to curate something that will perfectly encapsulate your brand and your customers will enjoy. Becoming interactive is the future, over time attention levels have decreased but keeping users engaged by giving them something to do can be used to create positive business growth.

What is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is the process of making your brand become more visible to the overall population with a specific goal of hitting your target audience. It involves heavy market research into what will be a good way to do this and what should be avoided. Looking at previous campaigns and events set up by your competitors which have worked and which were failures will be part of any in-depth analysis. Creating a unique experience which can grow your business and brand awareness can be difficult because every person is different. When creating a campaign to raise your engagement it is key to understand exactly how people want to interact with your digital side. For example, if you’re somewhat popular on social media, it can be good to identify common trends amongst the most successful posts and find the exact style that has gained the most likes and new followers.

Following trends or being a trendsetter?

This is an important distinction to make between the different types of brand activation. There are often trends which can easily be followed for easy gains, these can create short-term engagement and a quick boost in traffic. You can see these on social media quite often, especially on Twitter and they have led to businesses growing large audiences by constantly hitting relevant trends. This takes a lot of research and being constantly aware of the shifting popularity in the public eye, we can help you with this. Becoming a trend setter however can be incredibly more difficult than all of the up-to date market research you’ll have to do in order to follow trends. However once you hit that peak you can easily boost your business growth in a major way as other companies will be following in your footsteps. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have the largest audience possible, you can become a trend setter by finding a new idea or campaign that everyone else will then emulate.

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