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Why building a brand image is important for your company and what needs to be done: A Checklist.

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Why building a brand image is important for your company and what needs to be done: A Checklist.

Author: Jane
Posted in Brand Strategy on 11th March 2020 12:00 am

If you’re wondering whether your company is in need of a proper brand identity- this means that you’re already questioning it. The answer, in short, is yes.

First impressions count

Brand identity helps with immediate communication in what you are aiming to provide your customers. Having the correct tone of voice is an immediate connection to the consumer–– always stick to the rule that first impressions do count.

Consistency is key

Consistency of your brand is key. It’s best to get it right when it comes to being consistent with fonts, colour palettes and logos. It builds up trust and rapport with customers without having to say anything. If they like what they see, they’re more likely to side with your company. There’s nothing worse than a brand ‘image’ being inconsistent and confusing on each platform.

Be communicative

Communication with your audience helps build an image of you and your company. Having an active online presence again feeds into trust with your audience members. You can do this through social media channels or emails. Being personable and proactive with your audience members gives them a direct connection to who and what your brand is about.

Create a website

Build a consistent website–– this is another great way to showcase what you’re about as a company and how to get your consistent brand image across. This can help to target your audience directly allowing them to know what they’re looking for when it comes to you and your products.

Stay current

Is your brand image looking a little bit outdated? Does it look like the ’90s called and wants it back? If so, making small yet current changes to your identity design and branding helps to invigorate and refresh your company vibe in order to stay on top of the game in your industry.

Find our graphic checklist below to make sure you’re hitting all of the points with your company.


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