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Top 10 ways you can position your brand to remain relevant through 2021

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Top 10 ways you can position your brand to remain relevant through 2021

Author: Jane
Posted in Brand Strategy on 15th March 2021 8:15 am

With the new year comes a chance for brands to review their marketing strategy. Some brands will want to have a look at experiential marketing as it can offer more return on investment compared to traditional advertising sources. Digital marketing experts state that experiential marketing can help brands create lasting relationships with their target audience, which in the long run helps to increase the sales cycle.

Utilising experiential marketing as a method to promote one’s business can provide customers with a much more pleasurable interaction with one’s service or product. This in turn, helps to create a fanbase that increases its loyalty. The bedrock of any business or brands is its loyal customers as they can provide that brand with lifelong sales, helping to increase the organisation’s revenue in the short and long run.

This article aims to highlight the top 10 ways businesses can position their brand to remain relevant through 2021. Let’s begin!

1. Understand the world you create

When you develop a brand experience for your target audience, you first have to understand what your brand story is and how it can come alive. Creating a brand world which your consumers become immersed in without feeling like they have been forced to can be a great way to ensure your brand remains relevant through 2021.

2. Expand your audience

Your strategy should be fully fleshed out. Your campaign will require an extensive lead-in, as well as a strategy for user-generated content. Every aspect of your campaign should work with each other. Doing so can enable your reach to become expanded beyond a particular demographic within your target audience.

3. Be Bold

When it comes to marketing, the main aim is to be remembered. This, for brands, means that a campaign’s concept is a lot more important than most would think. To be successful, your marketing campaigns have to be created in a manner that elicits a strong response from your target audience. It should shock, surprise or delight them, whilst also providing them with the required tools to share their emotions concerning your brand with the world.

4. Make customer engagement fun

Regardless of what industry your brand is in, the entire customer engagement must be an experience that is as fun and engaging as possible. When creating strategies to drive up engagement and brand interaction, it is important that the incentives, if any are clearly stated. You could also include strategies that drive up customer to customer engagement within the brand space.

5. Don’t wait to make meaningful connections

There are quite a number of strategies brands looking to stay relevant utilise. These strategies must be employed right away. Choosing to delay a marketing campaign simply for whatever reason can cause a brand to get left behind. That being said, any campaigns and strategies must be made with a clear and achievable goal. Marketing strategies are successful when meaningful connections are made with a clear objective in mind.

6. Including user-generated content into your strategy

Choosing to include user-generated content into your brand’s strategy can be an effective way to promote your brand. This process requires you to curate user-generated videos and posts from a branded event to share all over social media and the main website. The combination of a branded event, as well as the sharing of user-generated content, can increase brand visibility for a host of reasons. One, it is an effective way to humanise your brand. It can also be useful in transforming brand advocates into brand ambassadors.

7. Place your consumers first

In whatever marketing strategy you utilise, its effects must reach well beyond the given experience. The main aim of marketing is to create brand advocates. This is why it is imperative to place your target audience first whenever your brand message is created. When you have a simple yet powerful brand message that highlights your competitive edge can help you remain on target. The experience your message provides has to be relevant to your selected audience. It also has to be memorable, worth sharing and newsworthy.

8. Create content worth sharing

To be interested in marketing your brand in 2021 means being able to create a strong enough impression. Strong impressions can be made by developing emotional connections and interactive experiences between customers and your brand. You can also create content that highlights your brand’s influence and credibility. This should be an avenue to highlight why your brand is recognisable and unique. When you do this, you make people want to share anything associated with your brand, which then increases its visibility.

9. Conduct your own research

While marketing as a whole is not a novel concept, there are strategies and the way these strategies are applied are novel. Before setting off on a campaign containing a strategy new to you, it is important that you first conduct your own research. It can be quite easy to become excited with certain concepts and ideas, however, these must be weighed with their pros and cons. Find out how a small sample of your target audience reacts to this strategy, does it resonate with them? The main aim is to ensure that your current and prospective customers have enough content that they imagine being part of your brand.

10. Think about your audience persona

When it comes to finding a way to truly connect with your target audience, experiential marketing can be an efficient way. That being said, it is not the most appropriate strategy for every brand. Before embarking on an experiential marketing campaign, it is always best to consider your target audience, what demographic are they made up of? Where are they going to receive this information? What is the most effective way to communicate with them? Every one of these questions will have to be asked. Typically, there is usually a disconnect with what your audience requires and what you believe they require. It is your role to first find out how to bridge this gap, else any marketing endeavour can quickly become ineffective.

If you would like to explore more about how you can make your brand stand out, check out our brand strategy and brand creative services. Or get in touch, we’d be happy to talk through it with you!

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