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TikTok – Could your business utilise a presence on the most engaged-with platform?

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TikTok – Could your business utilise a presence on the most engaged-with platform?

Author: Cam
Posted in Social Media on 28th June 2021 12:26 pm

The amount of time UK TikTokers spent on the app has almost doubled from about 10.7 hours per month back in 2019 to around 19.6 last year. This is according to the research conducted by App Annie, a mobile data and analytics firm. This increase means that TikTok overtook Facebook, which has also increased its average hours from 14.3 to about 16.6 per month. The rest of Facebook’s other social media apps pale in comparison to TikTok’s numbers.

This increase wasn’t only limited to the UK, as other nations such as France, Germany and the US also roughly doubled its average hours per month spent on the app. The aim of the report was to discover mobile trends across social networks, gaming and marketing. It was discovered that the total hours spent by users on android powered mobile devices grew to 3.5 trillion hours worldwide in 2020. This was a 25% increase on the previous year.

The chief executive officer of App Annie stated that the world had been forever transformed. This was inspired by the fact that people were more or less forced to stay home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It could be said that lockdown policies had accelerated mobile habits by as much as 3 years. The most downloaded app on both iOS and Android devices after the video conferencing app Zoom was unsurprisingly TikTok. In other nations such as Spain, Italy and France, TikTok led the download charts, closely followed by Zoom in the US.

Where does TikTok rank?

While TikTok’s growth is astounding, it still does lag behind more recognised social media platforms in its monthly users metric. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon and Messenger were the top five with the most monthly users in the UK, with TikTok not even making the top 10. It did fare better in the US, however, ranking 10th, with the top 5 apps being dominated by Facebook’s offerings. Nevertheless, App Annie forecasts the number of active TikTok users to grow past the 1.2 billion mark in 2021.

Campaign, the global business magazine named TikTok the #2 brand of 2020, with the NHS winning the top spot. This was as a result of significant adult usage right at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This social media app has leveraged on this attention by creating its premiere television ad tagged “A little brighter inside”. The ad saw cameos from British public figures such as Tom Daley, Little Mix and Tinie Tempah.

TikTok’s demographics

It was disclosed earlier in the month that TikTok could face a potential lawsuit for violating the child privacy law. Research by App Annie shows a key demographic change in TikTok’s users. This seems to be the prevailing trend as older individuals are increasing the rate at which they use their mobile apps. The 45 and older demographic have increased the amount of time they spend on the top 50 applications by 28% from last year. The 25 to 44 demographic recorded a 17% increase from last year and the 18 to 24 demographic saw an increase of 18% from the previous year.

How can businesses leverage this demographic goldmine with organic engagement?

Take The App Seriously

It can be easy to see TikTok as just another app and not take it seriously. However, this would be the wrong approach to take. For one, it is important that you remain professional throughout. This doesn’t mean you have to create generic videos or responses. The major aim is to present your brand in the most approachable yet professional light.

Posting Regularly

Posting at least one time a day means that the algorithm used by TikTok can begin viewing you as a creator. When it does this, it increases the chances of your brand getting featured on the coveted “For You” page.

Keep Your Content Short

Due to the multitude of videos fighting for attention on the app, it is imperative that your videos hit a particular sweet spot, around the 20 to 30 second mark. With this duration, you can choose to leverage whatever topic you deem fit, as long as it remains digestible and fast.

Engage Followers

Engaging followers, particularly those that follow quite early on can help you create a loyal foundation. This is a critical step that has to be taken.

Utilising the Live Feature

To use the go live feature on Tiktok your account must have at least 1000 followers. Going live, even with a modest following can help promote your brand on the For You page.

Not Solely Focusing On A Niche

Trying to concentrate solely on your niche can cause your brand’s content distribution to be stifled. The key is to ensure that your brand’s authentic voice shines through.

Creating Content That Grabs The Attention Right Away

In order to leverage TikTok efficiently, you have to engage your visitors right from the beginning. Your content should have their attention within a second. There are a lot of videos on the app, fighting for attention, so having something pleasant, shocking or impactful can prompt them to stick around.

Studying Analytics

It is imperative that you review the analytics of your post frequently. This can help you determine if your approach needs to be adjusted or if it’s working. Studying analytics can also enable you to better understand your audience which in turn helps you create content more suited to them.

Incorporating How-Tos

When your content teaches, informs or educates your audience, you are likely to gain significant traction in form of shares, comments and views.


Being able to leverage TikTok and the wealth or target audience it holds is an extremely important goal for any brand looking to latch onto the change in mobile usage. While there are some misconceptions concerning what exactly the social media platform is and how it works, success for brands is still attainable as it provides one of the largest audiences in a single place. The tips above should help any brand leverage TikTok for business growth.

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