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How A Performance Marketing Agency Can Skyrocket Your Business

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How A Performance Marketing Agency Can Skyrocket Your Business

Author: Miko
Posted in Performance Marketing on 8th October 2021 6:12 pm

Want results? Then you’re going to need a performance marketing agency (that’s us!). As you’ve stumbled upon our little corner on the internet, we’re going to dig up our guide to performance marketing to help you on your way to becoming the real deal. We’ll be covering performance marketing vs digital marketing, some of our previous success stories, and how focusing on growth marketing will ultimately make enough space for your business to blossom. 

Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is a performance marketing company?

A performance marketing agency is, you guessed it, driven by performance. They regularly analyse data to help clients with:

  • Which channels to use
  • Tracking results and spend
  • Assessing the value of each campaign

What are performance marketing channels?

The best types of performance marketing that drive traffic to your products or services include:

  • Native Advertising 

This uses the natural appearance of a web page or site to push sponsored content. You’ve probably noticed sponsored videos appear in the “Watch Next” section when on Youtube, or come across a sponsored ad on Facebook Marketplace. These are both a form of native advertising; most users won’t be able to spot the difference between organic and sponsored content, allowing you to promote your brand in a more natural and seamless way.

  • Banner (display) Ads 

Display ads usually appear on the side of your Facebook feed or on the web page you’re scrolling through. They deliver general advertisements and brand messages with a striking design or interactive content.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is about educating your target audience and placing your brand at the forefront of your industry. The content is presented in the form of blogs, case studies, e-books, videos, and infographics – a digital performance marketing agency will conduct keyword research to ensure these useful pieces of content reach the right people.

  • Social Media

Social media allows you to share both organic and sponsored content, helping you extend your reach even further. Content you’ve already created (like the blogs and case studies we’ve mentioned above) can be given an extra boost through social media thanks to hashtags, discovery pages, and shared stories.

  • Search Engine Marketing

Having a website that is optimised for search engine marketing is essential. How else will your audience find you? In terms of performance marketing, the focus is predominantly on cost-per-click (CPC), especially for paid advertising. On the other hand, organic search engine marketing uses content marketing (blogs) and optimised landing pages to drive quality traffic.

Performance marketing vs digital marketing

Digital marketing is marketing or advertising that uses online channels, whereas a performance marketing agency like ours in Manchester thrives on delivering results when based on specific actions, such as a sale, lead generation, number of clicks, impressions, how many users we reach or a target CPA.  But more importantly R.O.I.

Our latest success stories

To give you a better understanding of what our agency can do for you, here’s a testimonial from Alex, the marketing manager at Vita Living. 

*Spoiler alert* Our team smashed it out of the park and the building was 80% let within just 4 months! 



And here’s an example of what content marketing can do for you. We helped the Manchester mortgage broker TaylorMade Finance appear as a featured snippet for the search term “does epc rating affect mortgage”. This is classed as position zero on Google and is placed above the top ranking result as it is content that directly answers a search query. 

performance marketing examples


Fancy becoming our next success story? Get in touch with our performance marketing agency here to see your campaigns fly.

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