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Facebook Shops: Facebook’s Next Power Move

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Facebook Shops: Facebook’s Next Power Move

Author: Cam
Posted in Paid Media on 21st May 2020 12:00 am

Facebook revealed earlier this week they were to begin shopping on its platforms for their 2.6bn users, as their next big power move to compete with the big players, Amazon, eBay and now, after the launch of their free to advertise shopping platform, Google.

The social media giant is further expanding its e-commerce capabilities by allowing businesses to sell their products directly on their Facebook & Instagram pages. These digital storefronts has primarily been designed for a mobile-first experience, will allow merchants to host catalogues of their products and will be free to use. Facebook’s Product Manager, Geroge Lee stated that this project is something that the company has been planning for at least half a year but given the current COVID situation, efforts have been made to accelerate plans. 

Consumers are becoming less likely to head over to third party websites where they need to go through long checkout processes. The future of e-commerce is one click purchases that has seen the likes of Amazon grow exponentially over the years, which is the route that Facebook is attempting to emulate.

Messenger Integration

Facebook Shops will also make use of their various messaging platforms, allowing users to communicate with brands via Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Direct, to communicate with brands with regards to their products or delivery information.

Opportunities For Advertisers

Without the need to head over to the brand’s website, Facebook Shops will ultimately allow businesses to complete the conversion and transactions resulting in reduced drop-off rates. The result of this presents a fantastic opportunity to advertisers, but Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg states that this in turn will translate into “higher bids for advertising”. Although, with the increased likelihood of transactions, this will allow Facebook to gather more data and ultimately improve its advertising service.

Facebook is also allowing businesses and creators to use their live streaming services to tag their products in videos. This will allow brands to take a ‘shopping channel style’ approach to Facebook and Instagram. As well as this, it also presents the possibility for influencers to showcase their partnered brand’s products whenever they go live.

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