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Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Master In 2022

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Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Master In 2022

Author: Miko
Posted in Digital Strategy on 30th November 2021 5:43 pm

As the digital agency that fuses big ideas with creativity, data, and performance marketing, we’re giving you an early insight into the top digital marketing trends in 2022. From perfecting voice search to creating exciting designs, here’s how to master the art of marketing in the new year.

Always stay one step ahead

As if their algorithms weren’t already complicated enough, Google now makes thousands of changes a year! A lot of them are so slight that you won’t even notice, but some can significantly impact SERPs. 

Most recently was the November 2021 core update which SEMRush said was far more volatile than what they saw with the July core update. So if you recently noticed large ranking or traffic changes from your organic Google search results, you may have been hit by this spam update. 

It’s key you’re aware of these changes in good time to avoid damaging your SEO and content efforts.

How does AI search work?

AI uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to determine the intent behind a search and return the result the user wants.

Machines obviously find it pretty difficult to work out what humans mean during conversations. Speech is so diverse, and we like to use synonyms and colloquial phrases such as “Mrs Swift is giving me main character energy”

Thanks to NLP, computers can detect language patterns and identify relationships between words to learn what people truly want. Natural language processing plays a big role in the functioning of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, and it’s why Google trained its AI to be more conversational by having the intelligence engine read 2865 romance novels!

It’s therefore key that you write your blogs in a conversational manner, incorporating relevant keywords in a way that feels more natural. Your customers are changing the way they search, and your content will only resonate with them if you adapt your tone of voice.

Alexa, what is voice search?

Searches aren’t just about people typing in a query on Google. Many of us turn to our reliable friends Alexa and Siri to get a quick answer whenever a random question pops into our heads – it’s predicted that 70% of customer interactions will start with speech through smart speakers and assistants by 2023.

It’s therefore essential that you write blogs in a conversational tone, using natural speech just like you would with a colleague or friend. This will improve your chances of ranking for popular voice search terms, meaning your content is more likely to be useful to your target audience. 

The way we search is changing. You need to include voice search as part of your strategy in order to take advantage of a rapidly growing channel, selling your products or services to the right people.

Visualising your brand

As the new year draws in, it might be good time to consider refreshing your visuals, including the colour palette, font, and styling. Bold backgrounds, fun illustrations, reactive memes and Serif fonts are likely to continue through 2022. 

Your visuals need to be inclusive too. So if you’re posting a video, make sure you add accurate captions. If you’re tweeting a photo, use the ‘add description’ feature to make your content more accessible.

Remote work is in

We don’t need to be sitting in an office to get results. In fact, since working remotely, our team has skyrocketed both paid and organic traffic for many clients, ranging from a local mortgage broker right the way through to a nationwide meal prep service. We have a task system that allows each of us to assign work to the relevant team members, and if you’d like to see exactly how much time we’ve spent on your projects, we’d be happy to show you!

So why not have a few days working at home and outsource your marketing to us? You won’t have to worry about setting time aside for social media schedules or keyword research. Run2 Digital can take care of it for you. Our data analysis is completely automated, allowing you to access your results at the touch of a button.

Get your 2022 digital marketing audit started by chatting with one of our team today.

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