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Ad Strategies in Response to Covid-19

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Ad Strategies in Response to Covid-19

Author: Cam
Posted in Paid Media on 23rd April 2020 12:00 am

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we live and work in recent weeks and is likely to continue. With businesses closures and lockdown measure in place across the UK, people more than ever are turning to ‘online’ as a source for basic necessities, entertainment and communication.

Companies are not only having to rethink business models and operation strategies as we adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, but they should also be rethinking how they communicate with their customers during this crisis. 

Here are some tips to help you navigate your paid search campaigns during Covid-19. 


Are You Using the Right Tone in Your Ad Copy?

One of the top considerations for marketers under the current circumstances is messaging. Are we communicating with customers in a way that shows empathy? Are we using the right tone of voice in our ad copy and landing pages? 

These are incredibly sensitive times and this should be reflected in your ad copy. 

Review all existing ad copy and assess whether you need to revise them to suit the current climate. Also, be aware of any potentially ‘triggering’ phrases that could be linked to Covid-19 and revise where necessary. 


How Can You Help Your Customers?

Marketers are advised to take a softer approach. Rather than go for the hard sell, focus on how you can help your customers during this time and regularly update them on any changes. 

You might offer ‘fast’, ‘free’ of ‘contactless’ delivery, guaranteed shipping dates, or click and collect. Or you may now offer Skype or Zoom consultations rather than face-to-face meetings. 

This should all be communicated effectively across your ad copy, ad extensions and landing pages. 


Avoid Displaying Next to Covid-19 Content

Even if you feel your products or services are not related, err on the side of caution and avoid displaying next to Covid-19 content by excluding topics from your campaigns that could be problematic e.g. health, news etc. 

You can take this further by also excluding Covid-19 related search queries from your account e.g. covid, ncov, coronavirus, corona, sars, wuhan, virus, pandemic, epidemic.


Review Your Creative Assets

As with ad copy, we should avoid any instances that might be considered insensitive in the current environment. 

Review all creative assets and pause any images or videos containing references to handshakes, hands touching faces, large groups and gatherings. 


Invest in the Upper Funnel

During these uncertain times, we can expect to see longer researching phases and conversion cycles. Shift focus to upper funnel conversions and start building out remarketing lists for people searching during this period. This means that when people are ready to commit, you can remain top of mind. 


We hope that these tips will in some way help you get through these difficult times. 

If you feel you need some extra help with your advertising, our team of digital marketing experts are more than happy to help.


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