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5 coronavirus content tips

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5 coronavirus content tips

Author: Cam
Posted in Content Marketing on 22nd April 2020 12:00 am

Marketing during a global pandemic can be tricky. From prioritising marketing spend to changing the way you operate, many businesses and marketing managers are having to switch up the way they usually work.  With content being such a large part of organic marketing, and obviously being imperative for long-term SEO success, many people have been wondering about their content marketing strategy. Should you carry on? What changes should you be making? How do you stay sensitive to the epidemic?

To help ease your worries we’ve put together 5 coronavirus content tips to help you get through this period.

1. Don’t create content just for the sake of it

Whilst it’s important to maintain a regular publishing schedule, avoid creating content just for the sake of it. You need to not only think about what you’re saying but why you’re saying it. If you don’t really have a solid reason, maybe reconsider. Otherwise you’re just shouting into the void. This applies to social media as well as blogs.


2. Don’t be too self-promotional

Content that has a high sales angle could appear insensitive and you definitely don’t want to look as though you’re capitalising on the pandemic. During this time it’s important to identify how you can provide value and help through your content. For example, the Run2 team got together and asked ourselves “How can we use our knowledge and expertise to help businesses survive this pandemic?” We thought about it and put together a handy list of cost-effective ways that companies could temporarily adapt the way they work to improve their chances of survival. We used our digital marketing knowledge and our experience with SMEs to create content of value.


3. Remember to check scheduled content

If you work and plan your content in advance, remember to check every tweet, Instagram post and blog before it’s set to go out to make sure it’s not inappropriate or insensitive. Things that were planned months ago may be taken out of context or may not work in the context of a global pandemic. You can always save these ideas for a later date so they’re not wasted.


4. Use research and data to support your content

Your content should always focus on your customer wants and needs. And this rule hasn’t changed because of the pandemic. However, your customer wants and needs will have changed and so your content should reflect that. Stay up to date with your data research to develop content that will be most useful to your target audience. We’ve already seen examples of how coronavirus has affected search behaviours from people gathering critical information with queries such as “can you freeze” to using Google to help them change their routines with increased searches of things like “dumbbell sets.” This is vital information you need to be using to develop appropriate and practical content.


5. Don’t forget about your long-term rankings and SEO

Being adaptive and proactive to the changes that have been happening is great but you should also continue to develop and publish content that helps your long-term SEO strategy too. When life goes back to some form of normality you want to be in a strong position to compete rather than playing catch up from the bottom of the ranking’s pile.

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